Review: Timeless by Gail Carriger

Timeless (The Parasol Protectorate #5)- Gail Carriger
Hachette Orbit, 2012
384 pages
RRP: AU$19.99
ISBN: 9781841499871

Reviewed by Liz Grzyb

Gail Carriger’s previous Parasol Protectorate books are all witty, engaging, and really, just a lot of fun. Timeless is no exception, as Alexia and her erstwhile entourage travel to Egypt to investigate the God-Breaker Plague and to pay a pressing social call on the ancient Queen of the Alexandria vampire Hive. Those who have adored the series over the past three years will be saddened to know that this is the last we see of the Protectorate, but will certainly not be disappointed in the send-off Alexia has been given by Carriger.

The characters continue to be as loveable and fabulous as we know them from the first books: Alexia is outrageous as usual, Lord Maccon is by turns enamoured and grumpy, Ivy is melodramatic, Madame Lefoux is stylish, and Lord Akeldama and his household are as always, utterly unflappable. We are also treated to the unveiling of a new relationship in our beloved former-drone-turned-werewolf Biffy’s life, and find out more than is comfortable about Alexia’s complicated father. Conall and Alexia’s daughter, the unsuitably named Prudence, is a wonderful addition to the clan. She’s a metanatural, taking the paranormal form from whoever she touches. As you can imagine, this leads to some shenanigans involving runaway wolf cubs and toddling vamps!

Carriger’s humour and style carries this novel, as it does with the previous four. I found the ending a little less spectacular that I expected, but that may have been because I was looking forward to ending the series with more fireworks. However, there are definitely threads that can be extrapolated into further writing, and I’m certainly watching and waiting to see what Gail Carriger does next.


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